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Otec/Father: IPO3 Audi Betkin dvor

(competitor WUSV, 2XFCI, grandson of Tom Leefdaalhof )

Matka/Mother: IPO3 Nena Kvero (daughter of 2X Worldchampion IPO-FH, Tiko Betkin dvor; old czechoslowak bloodline)


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Skúšky/ Exams: BH-VT, SVV1

RTG/Oficial-xrays HD:A, ED:A

Výstava/Show:  VD/ SG

She is suitable for breeding and family protection. Elie has strong bones, nice head and great character. She likes people, kids, other dogs. She is great mother of her puppies.


--> PEDIGREE <--



obrana/ protection

poslušnosť/ obedience

s deťmi/ with childrens 

plávanie/ swimming

s koňmi/ with horses1 with horses2

iné staršie videá/  other older videos:



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